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Ford Freestyle CVT Transmissions

Ford CVT Transmissions

Ford CVT Transmissions

CVT Transmissions are not new, contrary to what you may believe. They are having a resurgence starting with the 2005 Ford Freestyle transmissions, after lying dormant for 70 plus years, turns out to be a very credible type of automobile transmissions. They are, however currently being used in lawn equipment (The John Deere Lawnmower of yours has a CVT) and small to medium duty light industrial equipment as well for many years.

“CVT” is an acronym for continuously variable transmission. What that means is that they have an infinite amount of speeds based on not using conventional planetary gear setups that conventional automatic transmissions have.

“It does this by doing away with gears entirely. Instead, CVTs work with a heavy-duty chain belt. The reinforced belt runs between two cone-shaped pulleys. One pulley is hooked to the engine and the other is hooked to the drive train. As the engine turns the pulley hooked to it, the belt transfers power to the other pulley that is hooked to the drive shaft, which powers the wheels.

The portion of the pulleys that the metal belt runs over varies in diameter according to driver demands and other conditions. Varying the diameters of the pulleys is similar to the changing of gear ratios in a standard transmission, but it happens in a continuous flow, instead of in discrete steps.”

No shifting is a benefit for the driver and for the transmission, less shifting produces less heat and therefore lasts longer. CVTs are more efficient as well, especially in the right situation, which are small cars, saving in the vicinity of 4 percent to 8 percent.

The newer design CVT like conventional transmissions, relies on computer inputs from related sensors and highly advanced electronics to determine the correct ratio for the exact driving condition on demand. The changes in gear ratios are undetectable.

Ford says they did a ton of research on this deal. So far, in it’s limited capacity, the modern CVTs have been a success.

Should the unfortunate and unlikely situation occur that requires searching for a replacement transmission of this nature, remember, we specialize in transmissions. Beyond that we provide a suitable education to our customers and assist each and every interested person in learning which transmission would be in your best interests.

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