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Mercury Capri C3 Transmission

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission | Used Ford Transmissions

Mercury Capri is only one of the cars that used the famous C3 Ford transmission. Although the engine inside of the Capri was a 4-cylinder, the C3 was traditionally built for smaller cars with only 3 speeds. Most people probably do not know that the C3 was actually produced in France and imported for sale in the U.S. Ford did not have a domestic transaxle company that could effectively produce the Mercury Capri C3 transmission correctly. Buying a used transmission right on this website is very simple. Quotes are a big part of our business and we give them out fast. If you are tired of searching online, you’ve just found the dealer that can offer you great transmissions for an even better price.

One of the things that mechanics love about the older Ford transmissions is that they have manual parts inside. There are not electronic sensors or overdrive units to repair if a problem happens. This is one of the reasons that there are so many Ford transmissions for sale online. Buying any auto part second hand does come with some risks. If you do not select the appropriate company, you could wind up with the wrong part or lose your total investment. Customers come to us from every U.S. state and some foreign countries because they know of our quality. We probably have the cleanest and most reliable transmissions you can find.

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission

Another thing that is loved about the C3 is that it is easy to install. There are no problems connecting it to the engine or bolting it on the frame. As car technologies changed after 1990, certain tools are now required and other parts could get in the way of a successful install. Ford transmissions like the C3 give customers a dependable part that does not take a week to install correctly. A simple bolt down is all that is required and these will work as intended. The average mechanic likely has all of the tools that are required to install these Mercury transmissions with out error.

You know how great our used C3 transmissions are that are for sale. Did we mention we ship them for free? Just the cost of shipping alone is a savings of hundreds of dollars. Since transmissions are sold for high prices online, that is a real savings right there and our price is still the lowest. Pricing is set for everyone to benefit. This means customers, dealers, mechanics, body shops and anyone else that purchases second hand transmissions from our online website. It takes a couple clicks of a mouse to get what is needed here and we constantly upgrade our website.

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission Price Quotes

Pricing is accurate here. The quotes that are distributed include the cost of shipping for U.S customers. No waiting is required and there is no limit on the number of transmission quotes you can get. You can always call 1-866-320-1182 to get immediate assistance should you require it. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful to everyone. Don’t pay MSRP or buy a rusty C3 Mercury transmission online. Get a great one from us.

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