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Low Mileage Used Windstar Transmissions for Sale

The Ford Windstar was one of the first generations of more refined midsize front wheel drive mini-vans. It was designed to directly compete with newly infused minivans made by other companies, and ultimately was discontinued in 2003. Most likely because it became outdated, plus Ford needed a new cool minivan, a nicer one to represent the company.

Ford only offered one transmission for said vehicle, if the reason you are here is to look for Low Mileage Used Windstar Transmissions for Sale, then you are at the correct place. Call GotTransmissions.com at 866-320-1182 now for more info. No manual transmissions were available.

When I say one transmission, I mean one family of transmissions. It’s important to note that the transmission family was updated constantly, so the names changed depending on the year and model engine it had. And each generation proved to have transmission improvements. Each transmission was for front wheel drive applications only, with a lock up torque converter for added fuel economy.

Buying a good used transmission fits many peoples budget and interests. Understanding the Windstar has been out of production for nearly 10 years plays a part in the decision on which replacement transmission to buy. And because the vehicle was discontinued, possibly you want to keep the van, out of necessity, not because you love it.

While you may not love it, but needing to keep it has nothing to do with it’s overall drive ability. If it drives nice and has plenty of miles left in it otherwise, a used transmission is a great solution at an affordable price.

I wanted to mention the names of the automatic overdrive transmissions
Ford used in the Windstar.
1. Generation 1 models made from 1994 to 1998 has one option, the AXOD. A fully automatic overdrive transaxle. Technically speaking, these are transaxles sins they only fit front wheel drive vehicles.
2. Generation 2 models used the next two updated versions of the AXOD. Two 4 speed automatic overdrive transmissions/transaxles, named AX4S and AX4N respectively.

I’m not in the business of recommending. For that you need to call 866-320-1182 and speak to a specialist who can talk to you in terms you understand. GotTransmissions.com only sells quality used transmissions located at the best recyclers available. These are NOT junk yard transmissions.

If you want to experience real customer service, and get a Ford Transmission that exceeds your expectations, make the call and find out why GotTransmissions.com is “Where our customers send their friends”. Call 866-320-1182 right now.

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