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Foreign car makers made out on Cash for Clunkers..

Government calls Cash for clunkers a success. What I see is a glut of good used foreign cars and used foreign transmissions, including other valuable components flooding the market either from the recycle yard or people simply selling the car in 5 to 7 years.

Every morning, like clockwork my dogs and I take a 45 minute walk, no matter what route we take, we see plenty of ‘for sale’ signs on homes and and another abandoned home, I also see more of the Foreign cars like, Toyotas, Kias, Hondas, Huyndais, etc. in driveways. I wrote about making foreign car makers happy last month.

I did not look for any statistics to prove it, but seeing is good enough for me, and I see a few New Chevy’s and Fords and Chrysler products, particularly trucks. I don’t see the big difference between foreign and domestic cars since all of them are at least manufactured on American soil with the bulk of technicians being US born. But I do understand sticking with the foreign cars, especially with Detroit on shaky ground. Perhaps people are worried about local dealers closing in their town or service work becoming hard to find for the American cars.

I like in a small town in Florida o the eastern coast. There are no more Dodge or Chrysler Dealerships in town now. If you want to buy a Chrysler or Dodge product or get the one you currently own serviced under warranty, you have to go either north or south 15 to 20 miles now to find a dealer. Our dealership closed.

Obviously people are concerned about American car companies. I would be too, they talk a lot, but never full fill what they say. The unfortunate part is we build good cars in America. General Motors is my choice.

My thoughts on the glut of foreign cars that were sold under the C4C program is that there will be a lot of very cheap foreign engines for sale and other valuable car parts in the future. The smart consumer will take head and instead of selling a perfectly good car and rack up debt load, buy a good used low mileage transmissions for their foreign car when the transmission needs replacement.

I say transmissions because GotTransmissions.com has outperformed the competition for years in the transmission replacement field by having first choice of the best used foreign transmissions, or, pick/s of the litter, before the second tier transmission suppliers arrive.

With that in mind, consider replacing your worn out transmission for pennies on the dollar of what a new car costs. Don’t let the excitement and bright lights of a ‘new car‘ sway your logical-rational thinking patterns. Stay debt free, purchase a good used transmission from GotTransmissions.com @ 866-320-1182. You will feel better about yourself, trust me.

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