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GMC 4L60E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L65E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L65E Transmissions for Sale

When GM came out with the 4L60E automatic overdrive transmission, they already knew they had a winner on hand. The forerunner to this excellent transmission may ring a bell, it’s called the 700R4, and it was one of the best transmissions General Motors ever made. By using their brains, the engineers made minimal modifications, while turning the old fashioned hydraulic shifting 700R4 into fully computerized modern transmission still in use as the 4L65E. You can bet every GMC 4L60E transmission for sale by will exceed your expectations.

The 4L60E transmission is used in nearly every brand of General Motors cars that are of the rear wheel drive type. Rear wheel drive transmission setups are called ”longitudinal’. What that means is that the engine and transmission run north to south of the axis of the car. Rear wheel drive cars and trucks have a drive-shaft.

I own a car and van with a 4L60E transmission. One is a Buick Roadmaster luxury station wagon, with the 5.7L Vortec V8. Shifts like butter, which is what I want in a luxury car. Our 2000 Safari Van with the 4.3L Vortec V6 engine uses a 4L60E transmission and had been updated once in 130,000 miles. Still performs flawlessly. My 1988 GMC 1 ton 4×4 pickup truck is a bit older and uses the 700R4 transmission. I have rebuilt it once in 22 years. It continues to impress.

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of this particular transmission is that I owned and operated a transmission repair shop in Florida from 1981 to 2006 [I sold it}. I rebuilt plenty of them. There are millions of them in use in every line of rear wheel drive car and truck General Motors makes. Considering their broad coverage, trouble free is it’s middle name.

If you are interested in a reliable and outstanding source for rebuilt 4L60E transmissions, heavy duty transmissions, or a good used transmission, has a reputation for customer service and prices that are below cost. Find out exactly how we can be of help. Call now for a free quote and as much free information as you need.

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