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GMC 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L80E transmissions are automatic overdrive units with computer controlled shifting. Made from 1991 to 2006, it was even used by Rolls Royce from 1992 to 2002. For all practical purposes all 4L80E transmissions for sale are the same except for the super duty model that came in the heavy duty series trucks. Which has stronger planetary gears for added pulling power.

A derivative of the original Chevy transmission legend called the T-400, the 4L80E used the 3 speed portion of the T400 and added an overdrive section and lock up torque converter. All of it in a new [transmission] case with a computer controlled valve body. Once the early problems were eliminated, it was considered the main rival to the Dodge heavy duty and Ford super duty automatic overdrive transmissions.

Most of the early problems were un-related, wiring harness issues. Not the actual transmission. The wire connectors and harness were modified to remove electrical issues within a few years of production. Simply put, this is one heck of a heavy duty transmission, designed for practically any load you can challenge it with.

I’m a GM man, and own a GMC pickup. Although the 4L80E was not offered in 1988, it would have been nice if it was available in 1988 when I bought my truck [new]. Not that I have had any transmission problems myself, it’s just a bigger heavier unit than the 700R4.

Because it is computerized and my T700 R4 is not, a swap out would require rewiring my truck to accept a computer controller.

If you are looking for a 4L80E replacement transmission, let me recommend GotTransmissions.com because they are reliable and honest. Their selection of replacement transmissions is outstanding with transmissions being our hot seller. We offer used transmissions also, we will not sell a ”junk yard” used transmission if it is close to the end of it’s life span.

I’m very high on the rebuilt 4L80E transmissions we sell. They are rebuilt with the best parts available and the most effective updates. It’s hard to believe such a well crafted product is so cost effective. GMC owners are a loyal bunch and I’m one of them. I would never settle for anything but the best, personally.

Make the call and find out how inexpensive a rebuilt 4L80E transmission is, I’m convinced you will see the value we built into every rebuilt transmission of ours once you speak with a representative. Don’t sell yourself short, call now and find out why GotTransmissions.com is where our customers end their friends.

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