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Replacement Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale

The Car/SUV called the Honda Passport was made from 1994 to 2002. I need to mention, Honda made a motorcycle called the Passport, too. Don’t get confused. It was really an American car, being made in Indiana, entirely. By US citizens, paying US taxes. I am not sure why it was discontinued, but it was not because the transmissions were no good.

Being a transmission veteran for over 30 years. Honda makes a terrific transmission. Automatic shift or manual shift. That does not mean Honda transmissions don’t fail. My guess is you are interested in Rebuilt Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale. If you don’t need my advise or information, then just call GotTransmissions.com at 866-320-1182.

Let me say Honda has never produced an automatic transmission I would consider conventional. Design wise it uses some different components to make gear changes. It’s a very sensitive transmission, but durable in respect to proper maintenance. What I mean is: Under any circumstances, only use automatic transmission fluid from the dealership.

The Passport is built on a front engine, rear wheel drive chassis. It has four wheel drive as an option. A rather conventional design, called “longitudinal”. meaning the engine and transmission run with the north to south axis of the car. Using drive shafts to connect the differentials. Two drive shafts are used on four wheel drive models.

When I am asked about what transmission choice is the best. My thoughts go something like this. On a vehicle that has been out of production for about 10 years, the best replacement transmission for the money is a rebuilt transmission. It’s overall value actually reduces the price even more since it will out perform and outlast the original unit. It is a better Honda transmission because our rebuilt units include every factory approved update or part redesign, allowing for a better than new transmission.

Used transmissions may be an option, it depends on what we have or can find, we won’t sell a ‘junk yard’ transmission to you. For what a rebuilt unit costs, you may want to call and find out, it only takes a second and you may find out it’s more cost effective than you thought.

In any case, do call the transmission experts at GotTransmissions.com and tap into their vast knowledge. Allow us to help you determine which one of our transmissions will satisfy your needs. 866-320-1182. Our peace of mind guarantee proves that every transmission we sell has pure value built into it.

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