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Hyundai Transmission Assembly Video…

By watching this video on assembling Hyundai Transmissions, better known as a transaxle assembly since it is a front wheel drive transmission, the idea is to show how complicated and precise the job is. It is not necessary to watch it all to get the idea. The Big idea being precision and cleanliness. This is very technically accurate assembly information, but I absolutely recommend that only experienced professionals actual do this procedure.

I transmissions for over 30 years. It still amazes me every time I think about how so much engineering and technology is spent on designing something that works as mysteriously and quietly as an automatic transmission (until it acts up). Watch the video for a while and see why a qualified transmission rebuilder has everything a brain surgeon has on his plate, except a life.

rebuilt transmission we sell has been through the entire rebuilding process with the type of cleanliness and precision shown in the video, then we actually run each transmission on a test machine called an dynomamter. Once it passes our tests, we box it up (wet, everything is soaked in transmission fluid)) for immediate shipment. Don’t forget to ask about our nationwide parts and labor guarantee. @ 866-320-1182.

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