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Jeep Cherokee Transmissions: Leakage and performance problems

Question: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, mileage: 140,000. The Jeep was leaking transmission fluid due to the transmission pan gasket deteriorating. Replacement went well and the Jeep was running well. Now again the jeep’s transmission is leaking fluid and the jeep is having trouble shifting gears. It runs higher in RPMs and doesn’t want to shift to the next gear. The leak doesn’t look like it is coming from the gasket. Help!

Possibilities: Without being able to SEE the vehicle, it is impossible for anyone to accurately tell you where yours or anyone’s transmissions leaking. The fact that it is not running well are two good reasons to take your Cherokee to a professional transmission shop and have it diagnosed. Realistically speaking, no one can tell you what is wrong with your transmission functionally without a personal examination.

With 140,000 miles on it, chances are you are going to be chasing leaks. But you have a functional problem too, which complicates the matter. There are plenty of other places a transmission can leak other than the pan. At that type of mileage it needs a look-see by a pro. Keep looking for shortcuts and the time you spend trying to climb a greased tree may be the difference between the need for a replacement transmission and a solid repair.

Based on the way you asked the question I take it you do some repair work at home and like to save money. My suggestion is to have the leak and problem diagnosed. I say there is a good chance something is wrong with your transmission other than a leak.

With 140,000 miles on it, and no mention of what type of maintenance it has received, (probably not good if the pan gasket deteriorated. It shows a lack of maintenance) how long you have owned it and what you use it for, the chances are you may need a good used transmission. At some point you have to realize that with a lot of miles on a component like a transmission with literally thousands of parts in it, other areas are wearing out also.

The best choice is to call GotEngines.com @ 866-320-1182 and discuss your problem with one of the down to earth professionals. Find out if a low mileage used Jeep transmissions fits your wallet and expectations.

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