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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions

Jeep Transmission ATF leak

Jeep Transmission ATF leak

An interested and confused person asked about a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission, mileage: 140,000. According to the owner, the Jeep was leaking transmission fluid due to the transmission pan gasket deteriorating. Apparently replacement went well and the Jeep was running well. Now again the jeep’s transmission is leaking ATF and the jeep is having trouble shifting gears. It now runs higher in RPMs and doesn’t want to shift to the next gear. The leak does not look like it is coming from the gasket.

Without examining the vehicle, anything I say is pure speculation. In fact I may be misleading you. You would not call your doctor and say my wrist hurts what is wrong with it? The doctor would laugh and say what color is my bedspread? At that point the realization occurs that a qualified transmission mechanic is the only person who can give you an answer. With vehicle in their possession.

You are developing a serious problem and waiting any longer will cost you a lot of money. If you were having trouble breathing, would you wait until you were turning blue to call for help? Well by asking your question to someone who can’t see the vehicle, or, even worse going to a forum and asking a bunch of non-experts what the problem is, constitutes a great recipe for disaster. Time is of the essence.

I hope everyone gets my drift. I hope a bunch of transmission mechanics leave comments on how correct this procedure is. in fact, paying for a diagnosis only is worth well more than the 80 dollar, or so, diagnostic fee. Which is dropped most of the time when the shop makes the repair.

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