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Kia Optima Transmissions for Sale, very affodable

Kia builds some of the best inexpensive cars available. One of the very successful models is the Optima, introduced in 2000, and still being made. A mildly strange history, because the first generation were only renamed Hyundai Sonata’s. Depending on the year of your Optima, we offer every variation of Kia Optima Transmissions for sale, at a realistic price. 866-320-1182.

The first generation is called model MS, and was made from 2000 to 2005. All Optima’s are front wheel drive cars, being built on a front wheel drive chassis. The term used to describe this setup is transverse. What that means is the engine/transmission combo is mounted sideways under the hood of the car. The most popular method of producing a front wheel drive car.

The only transmissions offered were a 4 speed automatic transmission with a lock up torque converter, and a 5 speed manual shift transmission. Both transmissions are conventional in design, meaning they are both transaxles, where the transmission and differential are in the same case. A convenient way to manufacture a front wheel drive transmission.

The second generation was made from 2005 to 2010, called model MG. The only drive line change was updating the 4 speed automatic transmission to a 5 speed transmission with lock up. Let me explain lock up. Most people don’t even know of the feature, yet all modern cars have it. It is the equivalent of a very subtle 6th forward gear, offering better fuel mileage.

The third generation Optima started production in 2010 and is still being made. Again, Kia upgraded from 5 forward speed automatic transmissions to a more modern 6 speed automatic, and upgraded the manual shift transmission to 6 speed as well.

Depending on which year you own, there may be more than one transmission option available for replacement, the only way to find out is to speak with someone who has good knowledge of the subject, and your best interest in mind.

Regardless of the year, call and learn from an expert which replacement transmission is in your best interest: transmissions are one of our best sellers due to the pure value they offer, or, low mileage good used transmissions for those who want to spend less, and not sacrifice. Call right now. 866-320-1182.

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