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Kia Sedona Transmission Problems? Have it diagnosed…

Question: I am new to this forum and thanks for any input. My wife has an 02 kia sedona w/ 95K. When it is driven for a while and she stops, the engine will rev to 3k for no reason. This happen during the summer and i changed out the throttle position sensor, had the fuel injectors cleaned, serviced the transmission and the problem went away, yesterday it was doing it again. The van is placed in park and the rpm is about 3500. Turn off the ignition and restarted with no problems. I was wondering whether anybody has had this issue before and if yes, is there some sort of TSB from Kia since my powertrain warranty is fast approaching. Thanks

Suggestions: You did not mention if the problem transmission in your vehicle was scanned first or you just decided to change the TPS. Obviously it was not the TPS. FYI: I lobby, rant and rave about parts changers, you may have wasted money on the TPS. You did not mention if the engine light comes on when it acts up.

That is the whole problem with not going through a methodical diagnostic procedure to locate the problem or problems. I’m sure you would be outraged if you went to the doctor for a stomach ache and he said we might as well operate now, and if that doesn’t do it, we will operate on something else, until we find the problem.

It seems so silly for the dealer to treat you this way. They have the best tools and factory trained technicians working for them and dealers have the best network of repair information for the particular brand of car you own.
Plus you are under warranty.

It needs to be reliably tested and diagnosed. Diagnosis rules. Be serious and firm and tell the dealer it is there responsibility to find and fix the problem or send it out to someone who can fix it. Dealers sublet transmission work out all the time to transmission specialty shops.

If you have warranty left, why don’t you make an appointment with the dealer so you and a technician can drive the car together. The technician will hook up a scan and information gathering tool while you roadtest. Hopefully it acts up during your ride or you have to leave it. If not…..

I would call every consumer protection agency available and make a complaint if they keep jacking you around. Make sure you document everything and have an invoice printed up for every visit to the dealer or a repair shop. If you end up having to buy a rebuilt transmission and install it, then you have an argument to get reimbursed by the factory. For more information on Kia Transmissions and transmissions in general subscribe to our free info blog.
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