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Lexus LS460 Automatic Transmissions for Sale

Lexus developed the world’s first 8-forward speed automatic transmissions for the LS 460. The final result is a transmission which provides outstanding performance in every mode and the best of both worlds, capable of delivering eye watering acceleration with flawless shifts, while delivering better than expected fuel economy.

The 8-speed gearbox is light and compact due to an aluminum case, and its new electronic over hydraulic control shift technology provides an extremely smooth and efficient shift feel. Industry leading research ensures each shift is performed in the most efficient manner, thus allowing seamless shifts using extreme real time technology.

A world-first from Lexus. 8-speed transmission for ultra-smooth and economical performance. It is a longitudinal transmission, meaning it runs along the axis of the car. As in a front engine, rear wheel drive car. The setup is old as cars themselves, but Lexus uses a very advanced drive system to say the least.

The transmission itself is a conventional automatic overdrive transmission in regards to theory and function. It happens to be much more complicated and technologically advanced than most folks can imagine.

Other than 8 forward speeds makes for a complicated design of multiple planetary gear-sets and multiple clutch packs, with multiple clutch plates. It does not use bands as many other transmissions use, which is one way to achieve smooth efficient shifts.
Of course, it’s fully computerized in every way.

The transmission itself may have as many as 8 to 11 internal solenoids or small electric devices which soak in transmission fluid. These components replaced hydraulic controls of old, which simply did not perform in a snap. This means the car uses at least two computers and perhaps more, but one is a designated transmissions computer.

I want to mention that if you have had a transmission failure, by all means, have a professional diagnose it, the computer or one of the external sensors mounted on the chassis or engine may be the problem. Don’t miss this step or you might be buying another replacement transmission. You can see how the services of a professional can save money and is in your best interests.

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