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Affordable Rebuilt Manual Transmissions for Sale.

Good News: Manual Transmissions for Sale.

Good News: Manual Transmissions for Sale.

Great care needs to be taken in identifying manual transmissions. Many units are produced with the same design externally, but have different ratios to work with the many engines found in these vehicles.

Obviously a transmission with gear ratios for a 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder engine will not be very durable if used in a V8 application. Manual transmissions designed for gasoline engines will have poor drivability if used with diesel engines, and vice versa. A real world nightmare occurs when you get a vehicle in the shop that has had a previous repair and the repairing shop did a junkyard swap.

The main problem with that scenario is that the wrong unit was installed from the junkyard and the customer is now in your shop to get it repaired correctly. In a typical scenario all ID tags are gone from the unit. If you order parts to repair the unit that is in the vehicle currently, you will fix this unit, but the ratios will still be wrong for the vehicle it is in. This is why the VIN, tooth counts, bearing numbers, and case casting numbers are extremely important not only to order parts, but to insure that this is the right unit for the engine-chassis combination you are repairing.

I have seen countless instances where shops have correctly fixed a unit only to have it fail quickly because someone had put a 4-cylinder unit where a V8 should be. When working on standards try to obtain as much information as you can and to preserve all ID tags with the unit.

By dealing with a competent company that is interested in really solving your problem, chances are you will get the proper transmission for your application. Using all the tools available to identify the correct replacement transmission is one way we outperform the competition. The main tool immediately available is the VIN, or vehicle identification number, which is on your registration.

The VIN is the number we want you to have available when you call us, @ 866-320-1182. By buying the replacement transmission that matches your vehicle and budget, you can expect to exceed all expectations and limit the pain and frustration, leaving our customers with a positive experience when buying transmissions. GotTransmissions.com

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