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European Cars Make Good Use Of Manual Transmissions

European Transmissions for Sale

European Transmissions for Sale

Typically speaking European drivers consider manual transmissions more suitable for their driving purposes than automatic transmissions, accounting for as much as five out of every seven transmissions made and sold in that area of the world. The two leading reasons for this type of thinking are: (1) the additional cost to purchase a new car with an automatic transmission, and; (2) the unsubstantiated built-in dislike by European drivers for automatic transmissions.

The stereotypical European driver still believes that not having a standard shift transmission causes the driver to miss out on the fun of driving, and overall control a standard transmission affords the driver. In Europe, if a customer can buy an air conditioning system or super sound package for a similar extra cost as an automatic transmission, the majority choose the other options.

Over the last 15 years, with the advancements in automatic transmission technology, including the AMT (automated manual transmission), CVT (continuously variable transmission), and DCT (dual clutch transmission), have been developed. There is a considerable body of positive and negative evidence for each type of transmission style, which of these will prove the most efficient or, the one most accepted by the public.

The most popular new transmission setup is the dual clutch transmission, otherwise known as the “twin clutch,” transmission, with it’s race car heritage and ability to comply to the passenger comfort levels drivers look for in an automatic. The dual clutch units or transmission are based around a counter-shaft design that uses two internal-families of manual transmissions with two input shafts, which share a single output shaft.

In America we tend to have a love affair with automatic transmissions. So there you have it. Is anyone more correct than the other? Absolutely not. Transmission type is a matter of personal preference, do you like to shift gears or not?

Regardless of what is your favorite choice in transmissions, some of you will experience transmission problems someday. The choice then becomes what choices you have in replacement transmissions? Finding people who are trained to be helpful is easy if you call GotTransmissions.com @ 866-320-1182 and speak to a representative about learning more about what might suit your best interests. We have transmissions, used transmissions and JDM transmission for most Japanese cars.

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