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T5 Transmission For Sale

T5 Transmission For Sale

T5 Transmission For Sale

The T5 manual transmission is manufactured by Borg Warner Corporation. Being a transmission shop owner for over 25 years, of which I sold 4 and a half years ago and came to work for Brian, the owner of GotTransmissions.com, it’s possible that I worked on more B/W transmissions than any other brands. The T5 transmission for sale in this post might be the most popular and widely used B/W transmission ever made if not the most popular 5 speed of all times.

You name he brand of car, and if it has a 5 speed, there is a good chance the T5 is the transmission. General Motors made use of the T5 in all of their high performance cars from the time a 5 speed manual was introduced to the world. Every high performance car they made with a 5 speed came with the T5. Plenty of non performance cars with manual transmissions used this popular unit.

Ford made use of the B/W T5 in Mustangs, F-150 pickups and many of their mid sized cars that were ordered with a 5 speed. It seemed like the perfect 5 speed transmission. It was easy to fit in nearly any brand of car at the manufacturing plants, which was one reason they became so popular. But they were able to take a great deal of use without failure, and that proved to be the perfect recipe, at that time.

For instance, Jeep made great use of the T5 in it’s CJ series for years. And Toyota used the T5 or AX5 as they named it in all sorts of utility vehicles for years. Success breeds success, so it’s easy to see why this transmission was so popular. If you read more about Borg Warner transmissions on our blog, you will see they also infiltrated the world with automatic transmissions too.

The versatility and success was a result of passing the test of time, Borg Warner produced the T5 from 1982 to 2002. Which is an historically long run for any transmission. Of course nowadays, we are getting used to 6 speeds and more, so the 5 speed transmissions like the T5 are becoming outdated.

Don’t be shy about speaking with a representative at our facility, our goal is to decipher these confusing situations and explain everything you need to know in terms you understand. We want to sell you your new Borg Warner T5 transmission for sale, one that suits your budget and needs, then get it shipped to you asap, that way can get back to working or picking up the groceries.

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