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Mazda Sky Transmissions

Mazda Sky Transmissions

Mazda is very committed to significantly improving the core aspects of its vehicles that affect performance, transmissions, engines, and lighter vehicle weight in order to achieve more driving pleasure together with outstanding environmental and safety features. The Mazda SKY concept defines Mazda’s approach to developing next-generation power-trains that will significantly improve the eco-friendliness and dynamic performance of all Mazda vehicles.

Its new, global Sky-Drive six-speed automatic transmission will offer a 5 percent fuel economy gain over the current five-speed automatic. The lockup clutch on the torque converter engages at lower-than-normal speeds on the new transmission (though Mazda officials wouldn’t get specific). The company claims lockup is active for 80 percent of the Japanese fuel economy test cycle versus 50 percent for the current automatic.

Not only does this reduce consumption, but Mazda says the transmission is so responsive, it feels like a dual-clutch transmission. “Why not just do a twin-clutch gearbox?” “This automatic provides a better launch feel” is the answer.

Now that Mazda officially entered the race for the most technologically advanced drive-train components, we know that they will be a more competitive entity in the future. The fact that they recognize how much power can be absorbed by a transmission, it is refreshing and very cool that they have been working on a more efficient transmission, thus cutting fuel expenses.

Essentially the whole powertrain is new, including the engine. Since we are a transmission site, I won’t discuss the engine. Selling transmissions is our specialty. Educating our customers is our duty.

By providing more eco-friendly transmissions, emissions are cut down because more of the engines power goes to the ground, which saves gas, wear and tear. Obviously with the new eco-friendly engines attached to the new design transmissions, we can expect better fuel mileage along with plenty of performance. Call Now at 866-320-1182 for more information on any transmission at all.

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