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Mazda Transmissions: Transmission Service Bulletin

Here is part of a Mazda service bulletin # 05-014/06, put out in 12/12/2006. This is a procedure I have mentioned in the past. I can’t even describe the importance of understanding and following this procedure any time you install a replacement Mazda transmission, or any replacement transmission.

It is not a matter of what brand of exchange rebuilt or used transmission being installed. It is simply a matter of cleaning the debris from the transmission cooler and cooler lines. In the vast majority of vehicles there is a cooler built into the radiator. Some vehicles come with factory auxiliary transmission cooler’s also, and some auxiliary coolers are installed later on purchased from the aftermarket. Regardless, the auxiliary cooler is inline with the transmission cooler in the radiator.

If you fail to follow this procedure, I can practically guarantee that what ever choice of replacement transmission you install, you will not be successful. It is critical to effectively clean, the debris that gets caught in the cooing coils of the transmission cooler completely clean.

Bulletin:Automatic Transmission (A/T) oil cooler/lines must be power flushed completely before an overhauled or replacement A/T is installed. One of the causes of repeat A/T failures is an internal automatic transmission fluid (ATF) restriction at the inlet side of the oil cooler. This restriction is usually caused by an accumulation of metal particles and debris (from a previous A/T failure) on the internal mesh type baffle of the oil cooler. Power flush-ing will remove the restriction by back flushing the cooler/lines followed by forward flushing. This will in turn ensure full ATF flow for the transmission when it is operating.”

The bottom line is that the installer of a rebuilt transmission has to use some sort of system to power flush the cooling system. For home mechanics there is a product, which in fact many transmission shops use, which comes in an aerosol can that hooks to the cooler line/s and flushes a cooling line cleaning agent through, thus eliminating all debris. I hope this advise is helpful to anyone who replaces a transmission.

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