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Nissan Transmissions: Pathfinder Transmissions for Less..

Nissan Pathfinder transmissions with a harsh forward engagement problem..

Question: After starting car,and shifting into drive, car will lurch forward very hard (foot on brake,of course). This lurch does not happen if car is shifted into “reverse”.

Possibilities: Your wording almost provides me with a viable answer. However, I can’t actually see the vehicle, so this is an educated guess. For your information, I have over 30 years in diagnosing and repairing transmissions and helping customers out. I have read a few of the answers provided by folks on the forum. Those are answers provided by folks who don’t know a darn thing about transmissions.

By isolating the problem to the forward gears, in essence you have eliminated a fast idle problem because a fast idle has no idea what direction the transmission is going to drive the car. The most probable cause of your problem is a worn or flattened out cushion spring in the forward clutch pack. Specifically, this issue suggests the waved cushion spring is worn out and not providing the cushioning effect for a smooth engagement in drive and or the friction plates are worn so much that the clutch clearance in the forward clutch pack expands beyond specs and causes a harsh forward engagement. Or, both components are worn badly.

Reverse is not as much of a concern because we use reverse less. Thus making the possibilities of wear much less. There is no easy solution for this problem. If this is the problem, most transmission shops will try to sell you one of their transmissions. I have a better solution. One that will be a lot less expensive and may be more reliable.

If I owned your Nissan Pathfinder, my choice for a replacement transmission would be a low mileage used transmission. On an older vehicle this is a great way to go. We can outfit you with one of our pre tested and certified good, low mileage used transmissions at a fraction of what an independent rebuilder will cost and give you more peace of mind and confidence, without draining your pocket book.

Our used transmissions for sale are one of the best values in transmission replacement options. It allows people who like their old vehicles (like me) to have an affordable and reliable option in regard to choosing a transmission that is true value. Call @ 866-320-1182 and speak to a straight talking expert who has plenty of time to listen to your needs and provide you with a solution that is in your best interests, explained in a manner that you will understand.

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