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Pontiac Vibe Transmissions for Sale

The Pontiac Vibe is called a compact car, I call it a pee-shooter. It’s not very big. Actually it is a joint venture between Toyota and GM, marketed under the Pontiac name. Made from 2003 until 2010. Through two generations the Vibe came with both automatic and manual transmissions. GotTransmissions.com has Pontiac Vibe Transmissions For Sale for any budget and purpose. Give us a call.

The first Generation Vibe was made from 2003 to 2008 and was offered with a 5 speed manual transmission, a 6 speed manual transmission and a 4 speed automatic transmission. This generation Vibe was the the most fuel efficient car in America. An All Wheel Drive [AWD] model was offered with an automatic transmission only.

A side note: The Pontiac Vibe is a front wheel drive car, specifically, it is of the transverse engine/transmission family. Meaning, the engine and transmission are sideways under the hood of the car, or east to west if the north south axis of the car.

Second generation Vibe’s were made from 2009 until the end of 2010, when Pontiac discontinued the model. It came through with a 5 speed manual transmission, a 4 speed automatic transmission and a 5 speed automatic transmission.

A computer controlled traction control system with anti-lock brakes was added for more safety in 2009.

One item of importance is: we call this type of transmission a transaxle because the transmission ring [differential assembly] and pinion drive gears are all in one housing with the transmission. The most common setup for front wheel drive cars.

Since the Vibe is an economy car, when a transmission problem occurs, one which is considered serious, it’s important for said customer to be able to buy a quality product for their car at an affordable price, keeping with the idea of inexpensive car and top quality replacement parts.

If you don’t think that is possible than call GotTransmissions.com and speak to a sales professional about your options. We have an option that suits your needs to a tee. Rebuilt Vibe transmissions or good used low mileage transmissions, we are here to beat your expectations. Call now for a free quote and solid information.

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