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Reduced Cost Rear Ends and Differentials for Sale

Rear ends and differentials for sale

Rear ends and differentials for sale

An automotive or car differential is the last piece of equipment in a typical automotive drive-train, which transmits the power directly to the tires, where the rubber meets the road. The engine makes the power, the transmission makes your gears and the driveshaft allows the power to go to the differential.

Differentials are found in all cars and trucks in some form or another. A typical rear wheel drive vehicle has, one differential, you guessed it, it is in the rear. A four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle, which are the nearly the same thing, commonly uses two rear ends or differentials. One is in the rear, and one is in the front, which gives us four wheels capable of driving the vehicle.

A vehicle with a transverse mounted engine, most commonly will have a transaxle in it. A transaxle is simply a transmission and a differential in the same case. A further discussion on transaxles and front wheel drives can be found in any article in this category.

Differentials are either good or bad. I mean that much like your transmission, it goes about doing it’s job valiantly for years and years and many miles, usually without maintenance until it starts to make noise or fails. Once it starts to make noise, it’s done, put a fork in it. You might as well call for a price on a replacement differential for sale. 866-320-1182.

What I’m getting at is most rear ends fail prematurely because most folks totally forget about serving the differential. Like the engine and transmission, the differential on every vehicle needs periodical servicing. Basically for most rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles it means evacuating the old fluid and refilling it with the factory recommended fully synthetic lubricant.

On cars with transaxles, since the transmission and rear end are in the same case, when you have the transmission fluid changed, the differential fluid is automatically changed. There are only a few cars with transaxles that have separate differential fluid reservoirs for the differential fluid, even though they are in the same case. Does anyone know what cars those are? If you do, put it in the comment box, if not you can ask me, or check with the dealer. has a very good inventory of low mileage used rear ends and differentials for sale. Call now for more information about locating the exact match replacement differential for your vehicle. Here is the phone number again, 866-320-1182.

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