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No Cheapskate Rebuilt Transmissions Here.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

We don’t sell cheapskate transmissions. We sell transmissions that are a terrific value. Cheap transmissions do nothing more than cause everyone involved problems. From the company that rebuilt the transmission to the installer and most important, the customer. We also don’t have an interest in doing business with people who only want the cheapest replacement transmission.

Here is the deal. Buying a cheap, poorly rebuilt transmission at an eye-grabbing price may seem like a great way to get out of a bad situation fast, but lets examine this more. If you were to buy a cheap, poorly rebuilt transmission that had a reasonable warranty of one year, yet from the onset, you had to return to the shop that did the work for this problem or that problem, or a leak on a regular basis. This would be a fairly volatile situation, and ultimately a bad experience and value.

How many times would you bring back your car to the transmission shop for rework before it started to grade on you causing a big issue? Like, ”I payed for the job, why do I have to keep taking time off from work and losing money on renting a car because of coming back here to have warranty repairs? Wasn’t the job done right”?

Well no, What if the transmission in question had 250,000 miles on it, and it is really well worn out in all of the normal wear areas and some of the areas that should not wear are damaged too? After checking the entire unit out and making up the parts list, the rebuilder decides, well the ”solenoids tested good”, the rebuilder feels lucky today and thinks, I’ll save the company a few bucks today and reuse the (250,000 mile old) solenoids.

Solenoids can test good, but lets get real, if it has been clicking on and off for 250,000 miles over a period of 10 plus years, bathing in fluid that has not been changed often enough, chances it is not far from pooping out. So, by saving the company, one hundred bucks on solenoids, the mechanic is putting the company in a compromising situation and more important, the customer and the shop owner are being cheated, and you not being sold a ‘rebuilt’ transmission to it’s truest definition.

With that in mind, if that is what you want, we are the wrong place. Anyway, how does buying that cheap transmission save money? Especially since it will not even last 1/2 as long as a properly rebuilt transmission for about 200.00 dollars more. has built their reputation the right way, by selling the best transmissions money can buy. Call us anytime between the hours of 8am to 5pm EST. Speak with a representative who will set you up with an excellent value for your dollar. 866-320-1182.

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