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Rebuilt transmission-automotive transmission terminology defined.

A rebuilt transmission is an old and accurate name for remanufacturing transmissions. It is still more commonly used by automotive transmission industry than the term remanufactured transmission. For example, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), has the new term in their table of contents now, but to be safe, on their own website use thet combined term as ‘rebuild/remanufacture’.

There is considerable discussion in the automotive and truck field about the differences between the terms “rebuilt transmission” and “remanufactured.” Many feel that while there may be no difference, “remanufactured” being a more trendy term for communicating and promoting the sophistication and hi technology to which the industry has grown.

Others prefer the term “rebuilt” because it more accurately describes the process of reconditioning of a used part. The bottom line is, the terms can be used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

Transmission rebuilding firms come in all sizes. There are many small, home town rebuilders who perform on-vehicle repairs as well as transmission reconditioning and operate with less than a dozen employees. There are also large suppliers of transmissions with more than one plant working on a production-line basis. They employee hundreds of people and renew countless of parts to their original factory condition. Often having in-house machining operations.

Regardless of size, don’t allow yourself to be come obsessed with terminology over the finished product. Call them rebuilders or remanufacturers the final result should be essentially the same: a quality job results in a quality product.

Become an educated consumer, understand the basic terminology used by various sources to have enough information to make a beneficial unconfused decision on replacement transmission suppliers..Much of our GotTransmissions.com blog is devoted to making car repair decisions easier and more cost effective for the consumer.

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