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Let A Transmission Specialty Shop Install Your Transmission.

Certified, Approved Transmissions For Sale

Certified, Approved Transmissions For Sale

Most people don’t even think about the difficulty and art form of removing and installing a replacement transmission. The success of replacing a transmission can be compromised just as easily by an inexperienced installer as it can by purchasing less than perfect transmissions.

Replacing a transmission in your driveway can be a real challenge even for someone with experience. It’s almost impossible to do if you have a front wheel drive car. But the first thing I think about is safety. Even with an assistant, inexperienced home mechanics may want to consider paying a specialist to perform this activity.

Special equipment and procedures have to be performed before the fresh transmission is installed. The most important procedure to follow, which will determine success or failure is to flush out the transmission cooler system 100%. I know a lot of general repair shops that install transmissions without flushing the cooler. Never even heard of the procedure.

When you don’t flush a cooler, essentially a quart or so of dirty and heavily contaminated with metal and clutch materials ATF, (automatic transmission fluid), that is in the cooler portion, gets pushed right back into your surgically clean transmission. Causing an unfortunate failure to a new transmission.

There are plenty of other secrets to transmission installations as well, so seek professional help on this issue. That is why it is a specialty, you would not go to a walk in medical clinic if you needed specialty shoulder surgery, so it’s important to seek out the best transmission specialist to do the task.

One of our projects at is to start a network of transmission shops through out the country that we feel are qualified to install our transmissions for sale. So bear with us and check back often to see who is on the list, or better, if you can recommend a reputable shop, please leave the name in our comment box.

Our reputation as one of the leaders in the transmission replacement business has been cemented because every transmission we sell is pre-tested and certified to work perfectly and last well beyond the warranty period, and our world class customer service is unchallenged. Ask about our warranty plans, we offer a variety of packages and have one to fit your needs.

Rest assured that when you call us, you will speak with a trained transmission representative who has the time to listen to all of your questions and provide answers and solutions to fit your budget and interests. Call us now @ 866-320-1182.

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