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Rebuilt Sienna Van Transmissions work Better than New

Sienna Vans are on my mind today. My wife and I rent a van every year and take a trip north to see our family’s. We like the Toyota Sienna van, it’s roomy and comfy. It drives nice and suits our bill [we have 2 dogs]. Plus I trust Toyota vehicles not to let me down. I like Toyota transmissions, they have always been of the finest and best working.

Because I’m a transmission guy, I can say Toyota transmissions are good ones and last a long time. I always evaluate and think about the transmission in any car I’m riding in or driving, and what would I do if it failed. Transmission men think that way. Rebuilt Sienna Van Transmissions work Better than New ones from the dealer, if you buy it from, that is.

Simply put, we have more time to perform a perfect assembly, we use better parts, and the clincher is we make some critical updates which make this a better transmission than when it was new. It’s Almost needless to say this, is “Where Our Customers Send Their Friends.”

I could not tell by driving it if it has 4 or 5 forward gears. It definitely has a feature called lockup. That is a gas saving feature that is very subtle. Many folks are not aware of it. In a way, it’s like an extra forward gear that applies very smoothly at about 45 to 55 mph, depending on your acceleration rate.

By now, most folks know that front wheel drive cars are very popular, and the Sienna has a FWD system called Transverse mounting. It’s very common nowadays in most front wheel drive cars, vans and trucks. The engine and transmission are bolted together and mounted sideways under the hood. It’s a very efficient and light weight system, which drives great.

In general the transmission worked very nicely. I would need to get used to the shifter, I’m not used to shifters in unusual spots, because all of my current cars are old. The good things about the tranny are things like this: it shifts seamlessly smooth. When you put it in gear, forward or reverse, you can’t even feel the engagement. A typical Toyota Transmission. I also want to mention the cruise control. Very accurate.

The only thing I “felt”, and it was most likely nothing, is how the transmission works at very slow speeds, less than 15 mph. It seems to “hang” in creeper gear to long. I failed to mention that I have been a professional transmission mechanic, diagnostician and shop owner since 1982. I sold my shop in 2006.

I don’t know everything about transmissions. I still study them so I can write accurate posts, but the creeping I felt may be programmed from the factory. Anyway, 99 percent of the people would never even notice it. It’s a way of creeping from a dead stop with minimal effort to save driveline wear. My advise, don’t worry about it, if you can even feel it.

A rebuilt Sienna transmission, 100 percent remanufactured to specs, or more, in some areas is very cost effective, improved with the updates, guaranteed well, and one more thing. It’s the GREEN way to go. Call and ask anything you want to ask about your Sienna transmission. We know you need to speak with a qualified professional. We take pride in being a green company.

Allow us to explain everything you want to know in terms that make sense. Our customer service is outstanding. At least that is what our customers say. Find out yourself, call 866-320-1182. You will find our reps. courteous and informative.

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