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Rebuilt Transfer Cases:

In my last post on transfer cases for sale, I mentioned my regard for American made bearings and seals, especially when you purchase a rebuilt transfer case for sale. My reasons are purely mechanical, nothing else to read into it.

Have you ever heard of the Rockwell harness testing procedure for metals? Here is a simple definition:

Stanley P. Rockwell invented the Rockwell hardness test. He was a metallurgist for a large ball bearing company and he wanted a fast non-destructive way to determine if the heat treatment process they were doing on the bearing races was successful. The only hardness tests he had available at time were Vickers, Brinell and Scleroscope. The Vickers test was too time consuming, Brinell indents were too big for his parts and the Scleroscope was difficult to use, especially on his small parts.

To satisfy his needs he invented the Rockwell test method. This simple sequence of test force application proved to be a major advance in the world of hardness testing. It enabled the user to perform an accurate hardness test on a variety of sized parts in just a few seconds.

My understanding, of which I can’t recall the exact specifics since I read this many years ago is as such. The same hardness test is not used in Japan or China. Meaning that the hardness itself may not be the same as an American made bearing, and the consistency in hardness of each bearing is not as exacting as the Rockwell test. There is an abundance of ways to test the hardness of metals, sorry not to remember.

Thr proof for us, at my transmission shop were the overall results. We quit using the ‘Japanese bearing kits‘ as soon as we started to have premature bearing issues, using the industry hyped ‘inexpensive new’ bearing kits. At that point, in the mid ’80s was when I read the information on testing procedures. It added up at the time. They may be using the Rockwell tests by now, but for my assurance, we always go with American manufacturers. Unless, the transfer case or standard transmission is made by a Japanese/Foreign car maker, in which case we always go to the dealer and buy factory new bearings.

The point is this: As I mentioned in my previous post, I would prefer a low mileage used transfer case if the one in my truck was damaged. Note: Remember, as a 30 plus year transmission shop owner and transmission rebuilding veteran I have an advantage over people who can not do this type of work. I speak as a consumer, not as a service provider (I don’t recommend rebuilding your own transfer case if you are not an experienced mechanic with the proper tools and education).

If there were no good used transfer cases available, then my choice would be a rebuilt transfer case, for my GMC 3500 Series 4X4 pickup, over a rebuilt one with the possiblilty of ‘cheap bearings‘ installed in the rebuild process. My suggestion is to call a well respected company such as @ 866-320-1182 and speak to one of the specialists about your needs and what is in your best interest. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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