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Transfer cases for sale cheap, shipped ASAP…

If you are having a transfer case problem with your all wheel drive vehicle (AWD) or four wheel drive vehicle (4X4) than you arrived at the right place. Although are name is GotTransmissions.com, we sell transfer cases for every brand of vehicle on the market that uses some sort of power splitter or transfer case assembly. We can provide you with custom transfer case work also, including vintage transfer case repairs.

Basically a transfer case is exactly what it sounds like. At least in automotive terms. It generally bolts to the back of the transmission and allow the power to be split or transferred to both the front axles and the rear axles at the same time when it is engaged.

Some systems automatically deliver a signal to the transfer case via an input sensor system or some sort of activation system or computer, which tracks which wheels may be slipping and instantly applies power to the slipping wheel/s. Other systems require you to push a button which engages the system by an electric motor. The older systems have a lever that is simply pushed into the position you want.

Regardless of the system you may have, we have ready for instant delivery transfer cases for sale in a variety of versions. Our rebuilt transfer cases for sale use new US made bearings and seals and hard parts. Parts like chains, gears and shafts. Pre-tested and Certified. The used transfer cases for sale are low mileage units are nice and clean. Many of them have been ‘split open‘ examined by eye, and if it meets our standards we reseal the area where we split it open and ready it for shipment.

Call GotTransmissions.com for all of your transfer case replacement needs @ 866-320-1182.

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