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What it takes to become a qualified transmission technician…

Do you have any idea what it takes to be a transmission mechanic or technician now a days? It takes a lot more than people give us credit for. A top level transmission mechanic has equally good or better manual dexterity and smarts than a brain surgeon. No joke. Do you understand the theory of how an transmission operates or a transmissions planetary system operates?

A top level transmission technician has to be very literate in order to read and comprehend instructions in order to diagnose and repair your car, especially if a scanner is being used… Good basic mathematical skills are critical as well. The best diagnostic equipment is useless unless your technician is well trained in using it, and that takes more than a few days. You certainly wouldn’t want a doctor who couldn’t read an x-ray or interpret MRI results, or recognize the dangerous values in a blood test results.

The real hero in any repair shop is the qualified transmission diagnostician. The owners of the best automotive repair shops send their top technicians to various tech schools and seminar training courses. The courses are certified and are well qualified to teach rebuilt transmission repair procedures or how to diagnose a problem or just to keep up to date on the latest repair info and news.

It’s too bad most folks think “grease monkey” when you mention that your engine or transmission is having a problem and it needs repair. It is true that if you need a used transmission, installing it is greasy. That does not mean stupid. If the mechanic is not looking for the reason your engine has failed then you are being set-up for another failure. What if it was a bad radiator or cooling system that caused your transmission failure and that was not addressed? What do you think would happen? Your new transmission would fail the way the last one did.

You can tell that even the technician who does the replacement or rebuilt transmission installation job needs to be quite observant of the overall condition of anything transmission related. You may have leaked all of the transmission fluid out because one of a bad front pump seal. You know what would happen if that problem was missed? Band-Ouch-Explode.

When you find a shop you can trust hold that shop near and dear. You want to buy an transmission that comes from a quality company like the last thing you need is an inferior product because it will usually cost more in the long run. Take a look at the whole Blog and become an educated consumer concerning some of the must-do maintenance necessary to keep your car running like a Rolex watch.

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