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1999 BMW 528i Transmission TCU Problems?

Need a TCU for Sale?

Need a TCU for Sale?

I picked this complaint to address for the two simple facts, a good diagnosis should be the first thing to do if your car loses it’s mind, and, if the problem turns out to be the TCU, make sure you buy Transmission Control Units for sale from a reputable place with a sold warranty.

Issues: I have a 1999 BMW 528i… has 118,500 miles on it. The other day, the check engine light came on, the ABS light came on, the Automatic Stability Control plus Traction Stability control DSC light came on, and lastly the Electronic Transmission control module (TRANS FAILSAFE PROG) came on. The check engine light seems to go off after driving sometimes. When taking off from a standstill, you have to give the car ALOT of gas to get it going. If I put in park, shut it off and restart, that light goes out until I put it in gear…. then the TRANS FAILSAFE PROG LIGHT comes right back on again and the car is VERY sluggish to start off… The check engine light does stay off, but all the other three stay illiminated.


Possibilities: Get professional help. Take your car directly to the dealer or a competent mechanic and have it diagnosed properly. Or, you will damage something that costs a lot of money unnecessarily. Such as your cars transmission. You payed a lot for the car, so get off some jack and have the problem diagnosed so you don’t waste money on unnecessary repairs and or parts.

If I had to make an educated guess, you probably have some sort of TCU (transmission control unit), ECM (engine control module) or major computer problem. With that in mind, your best bet would be to purchase a good used TCU for sale at a fraction of the cost of a new or rebuilt TCU from the dealer.

BTW, If you purchase a TCU from, the warranty may surprise you on a good used TCU, it may be longer than the factory replacement. If you are interested in more information on buying a good used TCU after the vehicle is diagnosed, Call us at 866-320-1182.

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