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I was hanging around my Buddy’s repair shop…

Actually I went over dump my waste oil. Man, he was upset, to say the least about the cash for clunkers program and all of the “gas guzzlers” that were trashed. Good old cars, most of them in really good condition. He was telling me that once you trade your car in for new one, your old car becomes the property of the US government.

Business has been picking up he said, but then the cash for clunkers comes out and we lose a good source of income (repairing clunkers) and good used parts, especially the transmissions.

Now the folks who had their clunkers fixed here, can’t afford to fix them now, since so many good parts have been taken away from the recycling parts business, and, my customers who traded their old cars in for new ones, I’ll never see them again. How does that help me out?

I guess it depends on what side of the pancake you are standing on. Both sides have a point. I can’t believe both sides could not work out a fair agreement. Well, maybe I can see how they could not work out a mutually agreeable deal. If they could, we would never be in the economic and automotive failures.

One thing for sure is that their will probably be a shortage of good used transmissions for clunkers in the future. That is bad news for clunker owners, because the price goes up when the supply gets smaller. Their is good news too. That means their will be more transmissions from clunkers rebuilt, reconditioned, remanufactured or overhauled. Call it what you want, all of the above are the same. More transmissions means the price will go down on transmissions.

That is good news, especially if you were going to buy a rebuilt transmission. Realistically speaking, an affordable rebuilt transmission may end up being the best choice of all. What ever comes of above situation, one thing for sure is that will continue to go the extra mile to sell you the best transmissions for the most affordable pricing, making a rebuilt transmission from a great value. Call now @ 866-320-1182.

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