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Transmission Line

Transmission Line

Transmission Line

Transmission line, no it’s not like the grocery line or the bank line. Rather, it is a piece of metal tubing line, which transfers the automatic transmissions fluid from the transmission to the radiator cooler and an auxiliary cooler should your vehicle have one, an auxiliary cooler, that is.

Transmission cooler lines is more exact, because the idea is to allow the hot transmission fluid to cool off by traveling through the pressure transmission cooler line to the radiator and then flowing through the radiator to cool the fluid down, and return to the transmission through the return line, about 25 degrees cooler.

First off, these are simply pieces of metal brake line. Not brass or rubber. Steel. Rubber is fine to connect two lines together as long as A. The ends of the metal line are double flared so the rubber hose can not blow off. B. The length of the line is a short as comfortably possible. I recommend using two hose clamps as well on each end a rubber line connects to a metal line.

Lines are subject to several maladies. Normally what we would see the most of is a line that was against an object underneath the car, where it may be touching, thus rubbing a hole in the metal line. This will cause a leak and depending on the size of the whole, fluid will leak out of your transmission until it stops moving and causes damage.

Cooler lines develop leaks at the areas they actually hook up to the radiator or transmission. Taking a look under your car regularly will alert you if you have a leak. Essentially you will see a oily mark under the car where you park it.

The best prevention is a good maintenance plan. If you follow the factory recommendations, then you will take your car in every year or at the recommended mileage for a transmission maintenance. Any reputable transmission shop, or the dealer should check your transmission for leaks while the service is being performed, that should be part of the deal or you are going to the wrong place.

If the unfortunate happens and your transmission becomes damaged because of a transmission line leak, allow us to assist you with a realistic and affordable solution. That is our job at GotTransmissions.com, solid advise, quality products and out of this world customer service. Call now.

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