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Method to Install The Correct Brand of Automatic Transmission Cooler..

Before we talk about the way to solve Ford E4OD transmission automatic transmission and transmission fluid failure lets talk about coolers and cooler installations in general. First off some vehicles come with add on auxiliary automatic transmission coolers from the factory. Yes, they are noticeably better in terms of improving your automatic transmission life than not having an auxiliary cooler, no they are not better than most of the quality brands of after-market auxiliary transmission coolers.

After saying that I am recommending that nearly every automobile or truck can use a quality cooler. The folks at GotTransmissions.com know that and suggest a cooler if your situation warrants it.

Almost every automatic transmission case is made out of aluminum. Aluminum dissipates heat very fast. Therefore if you cool the transmission down with an external transmission cooler by 20 degrees, than since the aluminum dissipates, or gets rid of heat faster, the engine actually runs about 5 Degrees cooler too.

Two of the best brands of after market automatic transmission coolers are, Tru-Cool and Hayden. I prefer Tru-Cool

Tru-Cool Cooler

Tru-Cool Cooler

because they have regulating valves for proper flow built into them. I also recommend letting a qualified transmission repair shop install them.

For DIYer’s: Basically you want to determine the pressure cooler line from the transmission and the return cooler line to the transmission, which should be in the instructions. If not Ask me in the comment box of our GotTransmissions.com Blog where they are and I’ll figure it out. The pressure line coming out of the transmission is the hot fluid, so you want the line going into the automobiles standard radiator first, after the ATF travels through the radiator it exits into the add-on cooler, once it has been cooled down by traveling through your new cooler, it will exit the cooler and deliver the cooled fluid right back to the transmission. It can take as much as 20 degrees off transmission temperature.

To solve the F-350 Ford E4OD restriction problem, eliminate the radiator cooler altogether. Take it out of the circuit. Buy two of the appropriate sized Tru-Cool coolers and run the fluid directly through the two coolers in parallel only. Thus eliminating the restriction the radiator causes described in the tranny cooler post. It is not a bad idea to install a cooler on any brand of work truck in reality. Whenever we worked on a Ford F-350HD, it was part of the deal to make this upgrade or we would not do the job.

I think by now you get the idea, heat is a transmission and automatic transmission fluid killer. Think long term, if you tow a load regularly, a transmission cooler will pay for itself fast. If you did not know this and have a transmission failure than GotTransmissions.com is the premier company for replacement transmissions of any type. If fact our Blog contains many more money saving transmission tips. Join for free.

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