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T-700R4 and 4L60E automatic Transmission Upgrades..

I’m not alone when it comes to properly upgrading an early 700R4 or 4L60E Chevrolet automatic transmission. Most shops use some sort of upgrade kit during a rebuild to improve every aspect of the transmission. The most competent transmission shops use the most reliable and time tested brands. Brands that stay on top of cutting edge technology in the quest to keep you outfitted with the newest updates, they never become dormant in regards to improving the products. Research never ends.

My favorite kits were made by TransGo and the kits we used were Junior Reprogramming Kits during a rebuild. The junior reprogramming or shift kits are mainly to improve factory weaknesses and eliminate soft shifts, poor quality shifts, lubrication problems and generally bring your tranny back to a better state than when it was new.

Many times a smart consumer, particularly a commercially used truck would bring their vehicles to us before a transmission problem occurred and we would install the bulk of the kit and an auxiliary transmission cooler. Other than performing regular preventive maintenance, we rarely saw these transmissions for repairs or replacement. Synthetic automatic transmission fluid was our primary replacement fluid for durability purposes.

Something I recommend with much emphasis is, installing a Junior Shift Kit is convenient and smart if you are in the process of replacing your transmission with a used unit. When I mentioned this prospect to Brian of the other day, we both agreed it was a great idea. I am urging him to make these kits available to the customers that are interested. However, I recommend a transmission specialist do it.

There are many other upgrades offered by TransGo, if you need some advise on what kit to choose, ask me in the comment area. For a wealth of general and detailed transmission information read our Blog.

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