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4r70w transmission for sale

The 4R70W is a Ford automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized with a lock-up torque converter. It supersedes the original Ford overdrive, the AOD (automatic overdrive) and the AODE, the E meaning electronic. After being introduced in 1980 the AOD went through constant redesigns and upgrades for almost 15 years before the 4R70W was introduced.

The 4R70W is very reliable and offers seamless shifting. The internal integrity has been raised to above standard performance levels and lifespan, making it suitable for most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles up to the F-150 Ford pickup trucks.

During their production run, it was the most popular Ford transmission on the market. At this point in time if you are here looking for a 4R70W transmission to replace a worn out one, one of the best options is a low mileage used transmission. For those on a budget and looking for a terrific value, consider one of our good used transmissions.

For those of you who wish for a rebuilt or remanufactured unit, perhaps this is the most reliable no miss option for you. Our transmissions are unparalleled in construction and are prepared by the finest technicians in the country. Only new parts are used being equal to, or better than factory original. To top it off, every rebuilt 4R70W has been upgraded in full.

The bottom line is that we offer value in any replacement transmission you choose. Simply put, no one can compete with the uncompromising detail to each and every 4R100 (or every transmission) that leaves here. We find it mutually beneficial for the customer and our company to stick to these guidelines.

Another top priority its to ship your fresh transmission out as fast as possible. We understand that getting back on the road fast is always a priority. A positive experience and excellent customer service is included in every sale. It does not have to be a confusing nightmare.

The bottom line is that if you suspect a transmission failure or have a confirmed transmission failure (by a professional), allow us to show you our entire line of replacement transmissions and help you determine which variant serves your purposes best. We offer excellent used transmissions and unchallenged transmissions for sale every day. Call now and place your order. GotTransmissions.com.

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