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Aisin MY600 Transmissions for Sale features the all-new Aisin MY600 6-speed automatic transmission for sale. The design goals: a superior shifting automatic transmission for medium to heavy duty work trucks with improved drive-ability, better usage of engine torque, improved fuel economy [equal to a manual transmission]; exhaust brake performance equal to manual transmission; and improved reliability and durability.

The overdrive ratios: first gear, 3.742; second gear, 2.003; third gear, 1.343; fourth gear, 1.000; fifth gear, 0.773; and sixth gear, 0.634. The ratios in fifth and sixth gear allow high cruising speeds with lower engine RPM’s keeping wear to a minimum. It is a fully computerized transmission with some very sophisticated features not usually found in trucks.

It is the most sophisticated automatic truck transmission on the market. Everything having to do with it’s structural strength is reinforced from earlier models. The new design uses many of the same high technology features found in some of the expensive luxury sports cars. It’s a new breed of automatic transmissions that suits the needs of truckers, automatically.

There is a standard equipment heavy-duty transmission cooler for all automatic transmissions in all trucks. All FK and FM 260 coolers are liquid type mounted in front of the truck below the radiator.

Smartly, they increased the size of the transmission cooler and mounted it so it’s perpendicular to the frame, It should make it easier to work with.

For the most current information on the Aisn MY600 automatic transmissions call and speak with a sales specialist. Our goal is to make sure we outfit you with the correct replacement transmission. We build peace of mind into every transmission we sell. Call now for a free quote.

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