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c4 transmission for sale

Good News: C4 Transmission For Sale

Good News: C4 Transmission For Sale

The c4 transmission Ford, was the transmission that eventually helped me decide that the transmission business was for me. Why? Well the c4 was introduced in 1964. How do I know that? The c stands for the decade of the 1960’s, and the 4 is the year of said decade in Ford’s numbering system, hence, 1964.

Actuality the c4 was a marvel of engineering. It was a compact light weight 3 speed automatic tranny. Very efficient in operation and well suited for many uses. Ford used this small mighty transmission in almost everything it seems. Even the F150 pickups came equipped with the c4.

The transmission was very durable considering it’s diminutive size. It was capable of more use/abuse than one might imagine. Although a 17 year older with a Shelby Mustang became a specialist at breaking c4 transmissions. Those were extenuating circumstances though, because I flat out beat that car.

As of now, it is a very outdated transmission, having only 3 forward speeds and no lockup torque converter. The truth is that there are plenty of older cars on the road with c4 transmissions, and it is a common unit for hot rods because of its weight and size benefits.

Realistically speaking, since the c4 has been out of production for almost 30 years, the most common c4 transmissions for sale are rebuilt. Even if you found a used c4 with low mileage, time plays a big factor in the aging process, so chances are it is no good. Automatic transmissions are full of soft parts, some of which are rubber and some are friction material. Both items are subject to deterioration by time.

The fact is that a quality fully rebuilt c4 is not very expensive, especially when compared to a newer fully computer controlled 4or 5 speed automatic transmissions. For most people who still drive older cars, this is very affordable as a replacement transmission in order to keep the jalopy on the road. It is how I handle my car affairs. I keep them forever and replace items as they fail or before they fail if I get a warning before the failure.

Simply junking a good old car for a broken transmission is not a good choice, or one I would make. I drive older vehicles and enjoy the lower costs of repairs including big components like a transmission. My newest personal vehicle is a 1988 1 ton GMC pickup (mint) I bought brand new. When the time comes for a transmission, I think you probably know what I will do.

If you are like me and believe that fixing your good running old car is in your best interests, take some advise from me, a replacement rebuilt transmission for sale is very affordable and exceeds your expectations in the long run. You can speak with a friendly transmission specialist who will listen to your needs before a recommendation is made. Call now and find out why we have so many happy customers.

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