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C6 Transmission Rebuild

C6 Transmissions Rebuilt for Less

C6 Transmissions Rebuilt for Less

The C6 transmission was introduced by Ford in 1966. Figuring out what year is a piece of cake on Ford transmissions of old. The C stands for the decade, which is the 1960’s, and the number is the year in said decade. Making this the 6th year of the 6th decade. Cool, eh?

Searching for a C6 transmission rebuild can be easy if you know what to look for and what questions to ask. The reason I speak of rebuilt instead of used transmissions is that the C6 was discontinued about 17 years ago, so unless you get a used transmission that already has been rebuilt, a used unit is out of the question.

C6 transmissions are very affordable. This is a 3 speed non computerized transmission, it is about as simple as a transmission can get. Which means the consumer benefits monetarily from a lack of electrical components and complicated computers to exchange during a rebuild. To the laymen it is anything but simple, describing a rebuild job to the consumer is like describing a lobotomy, it’s all a foreign language.

The C6 is a large heavy duty transmission and was the Ford answer to the GM T400 and the Chrysler Torqueflite, all of which were big, durable and very successful automatic transmissions that had minimal problems even under extreme usage.

The base job of rebuilding an C6 is the same as any transmission, but the C6 needs few updates for improvement. In the majority of cases an upgrade shift improver kit is the only upgrade needed. Ford used Raybestos clutches from the factory, which are on line with Borg Warner clutches as the premium clutch and brake band products on the market.

A manufactured torque converter is part of the deal when you buy a rebuilt C6 from us. We highly recommend an auxiliary transmission cooler as a good long life add on and always use synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Non synthetic ATF is not used in anything anymore, so don’t accept non synthetic fluid. I would speculate any good transmission replacement shop will use synthetic fluids only.

Buying a C6 transmission rebuild for sale is easy if you know who to deal with online. Ask us any questions you need answered, education is our middle name. We have proven to our customers over many years that we offer top grade rebuilds backed by unparalleled warranty’s, and have your transmission of need in stock, pre-tested and ready to ship ASAP, to get you back on the road. Allow us to assist you , Call now.

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