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Don’t Confuse Us with Jasper Transmissions

When it came down to brass tacks, we felt there was no better way to distinguish our Transmission Supply Company from Jasper Transmissions any better way than to address the subject right now, here. We are GotTransmissions.com, not Jasper Transmissions. This is not a put down article. In fact, we know for a fact that Jasper sells quality remanufactured transmissions.

We know they are a long term reliable company with good customer service and a good product. What you need to know is YOU have other choices that are just as good, or perhaps better than Jasper if you need a replacement transmission.

First off with Jasper you are limited to remanufactured transmissions only. No other variants to choose from. Let me set the record straight, as far as APRA [Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association] is concerned, rebuilt and remanufactured should end up with the same result.

Do not become confused at the terminology. It may sound more competent or dignified to use the word remanufactured, but in reality it means the same thing as rebuilt. Some companies use fancy jargon to fool you.

Another limitation from a company who only deals with remanufactured products is this. Lots of cars are candidates for used transmissions, and some folks want a new crate transmission. If you own a Japanese car, maybe you want a JDM transmission. The point is not everyone wants or needs the same solution and GotTransmissions.com can provide several solutions.

If we were to compare our remanufactured transmissions to a Jasper re-manned transmission, you may find many similarities in the quality of the rebuild. We always use better than new parts, and we install qualified factory approved updates and better hard parts to produce a better unit. As does a Jasper unit, we supply a rebuilt torque converter with the transmission too. No extras or gimmicks.

I have no idea how Jasper prices their transmissions, what I have noticed is we offer a similar product or perhaps even better, at a fraction of the price. Plenty of things come into play when a company prices products. I’m not saying they are over priced because lots of people buy their products.

But, What if I could guarantee that GotTransmissions.com sells a superior product, professionally packaged, shipped ASAP, with an equal or better guarantee, and beat anyone else’s customer service, at a far less price? Would it warrant a call, maybe out of interest to see what I am speaking about?

I have never met anyone who wants to pay more than necessary for a product. You owe it to yourself, and any other parties concerned to call GotTransmissions.com and experience everything I mentioned above. We offer iron clad warranties, every unit has pure value remanufactured into it and we have plenty of time to discuss if a remanufactured/rebuilt transmission is your best option.

Remember, GotTransmissions.com offers you CHOICES and great prices. Call us now at 866-320-1182 and find out about a great company ready to provide unequaled service, military grade transmissions and outstanding customer support. Call now, do not wait.

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