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Dodge transmissions for sale: 1996 and up model 46RE

The 46RE is the predecessor to the 46RH, which was preceded by the A-518 transmission. Actually it is fairly easy to determine which unit is in your vehicle. Although they share many parts and have a tremendously strong internal structure, when you are shopping for a Dodge transmission for sale, you can not interchange them. As I always say, use you VIN (vehicle identification number) to make sure your vehicle is identified properly.

With that in mind, there is little difference between a 46RH and a 46RE. The first two numerals, 46, stand for the basic type of unit, which stems from the old TF 727. The TF727 was not an automatic overdrive, meaning it has only three forward speeds. The 46RH was the first overdrive designed by Chrysler, essentially it was a TF-727 with an overdrive section bolted to the back of the transmission. It used the 727 system to hydraulically make the first 3 gear ranges, the overdrive gear was then activated by a VSS, TCM and two shift solenoids.

The 46RH is actually fully computerized, meaning all of the shifts are controlled by the onboard computer or TCM. With the basic integrity of the unit intact through it’s evolution, there were few issues with this transmission. However, if you are in the market for a Dodge 46RE for sale, which was not introduced until 1996, it is wise to buy one from a transmission company that uses all available upgrades.

Buying a certified low mileage used unit can be a real money saver as one option. Although I would recommend installing an upgrade kit and an external transmission cooler, since this was essentially a truck transmission, meaning it will most likely be ‘used hard’ in the course of it’s life span.

Purchasing a rebuilt 46RE transmission without an upgrade kit installed while being rebuilt is like a cake with no icing. For few bucks extra, this can be upgraded into a practically bullet proof transmission. With that in mind only the best suppliers of Dodge transmissions for sale do the job using top grade parts and update kits.

How can you tell? You can’t tell by looking at the outside. So in essence you need to have trust in the people you choose to do business with. You can save time and aggravation by taking this advise. GotTransmissions.com has built a reputation by outperforming the rest of the competition by being the supplier you can trust. Trust that has major warranty companies and top notch transmission shops buying transmissions for sale from them.

If you have the need for a replacement transmission, speaking with their experts makes it easy to feel the confidence they have in their products. The extended length nationwide warranties provided by GotTransmissions.com is clear proof that the products they sell have to be prepared for the long run. Do yourself a favor and read more of our blog and become an educated consumer. Educated consumers alway make better decisions.

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