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e4od Transmission For Sale

e4od Transmission For Sale

e4od Transmission For Sale

When the first Ford e4od transmissions were introduced, people like myself, who are actually involved in the technical side of the business were blown away. I’m a 30 plus year veteran of transmissions, having been self employed from 1981 to 2006. It was the first big heavy duty 4 speed electronic overdrive transmission on the market.

Actually the big three introduced all of their versions about the same time, it was the e4od that we worked on first. Remember the first ones, there was a button on the right side of the dash that engaged the overdrive.

Ford used their brains on this one. They used the famously successful and durable C6 as the base for the first 3 speeds of this 4 speed transmission. Using a redesigned case and an added overdrive section in the top area, Ford came out with a new transmission that was inline with the new GM 4L80E.

By using a known excellent commodity in the C6, our recipe is partly completed, by adding an overdrive section to it and converting it to fully electronic functionality, Ford produced what eventually became perhaps the most used light to medium duty transmission on the market.

Not without it’s share of initial problems, most of the problems were a re result of wiring harness problems and electrical connector connections. When the harness and electrical problems were detected and fixed, rarely did a transmission fail.

The e4od had a certain amount of internal issues that we not due to the parts directly, as opposed to the systems that operated the sub-assemblies. Once a rebuild becomes necessary, it is the perfect time to upgrade the internal areas of concern since the transmission is stripped bare and all components that need updating are right in front of you.

Updating the e4od turns a darn good transmission into the load pulling monster it can be. Bringing out all of the transmissions potential, and what you expected in the first place. These transmissions work so well after we rebuild them, many people are surprised and call back to let us know. We encourage feedback, it allows us to know where we can get better.

If you are looking at an e4od transmission for sale, you may be interested in speaking with a professional transmission salesperson. No matter what your application is, we have an e4od for sale in the configuration you want for the vehicle you own, ready to be shipped in 24 hours or less. So give us a call and place your order now. GotTransmissions.com.

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