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Honda Accord Transmissions for Sale

The Honda Accord was the first Japanese car to be produced in the USA. It was introduced in 1982 to American drivers and is still in production. The Accord is rated as one of the most reliable cars in the world by many agencies. Even we have noticed the amazing stories of how long their old transmission lasted when prospective customers call for Honda
Accord transmissions for sale.

Currently in it’s eighth generation, only the Acura TSX is sold in the USA. The last generation sold in America was the seventh gen. cars in 2007.

Honda offers both standard shift and automatic transmission options to drivers. After 30 plus years as a transmission mechanic, I’m convinced Honda makes on the best ‘so called’ economy cars and mid range cars out of all of the Japanese ”economy” cars.

Being a transmission specialist, Honda has an unusual design for their automatic transmissions and automatic transaxles right from the beginning. While the exact differences may not be necessary for most of you to know, the point is that it is a bit different in design than 98% of transmissions and transaxles, and in my opinion, one of the most sensitive transmissions to rebuild.

Using anything but factory original parts and automatic transmission fluid while rebuilding an Accord transmission is a recipe for disaster. Our Honda transmissions outperform the competitions because we do not try to cut corners with aftermarket replacement parts. In essence, we build pure value right into our transmissions.

We also include a rebuilt torque converter with your rebuilt transmission to complete the job. I have heard of some companies charging extra for a rebuilt torque converter and voiding the warranty if you don’t buy the rebuilt torque converter. I assure you, no surprises here.

We have a full line of replacement transmissions; transmissions, used transmissions and JDM transmissions [Japanese Domestic Market]. Depending on the year of the car and your needs, we can sell you a replacement Honda transmission that suits your budget too.

Deciding on which option of replacement transmissions to use is one of our helpful strong points. I firmly believe that the time our sales representatives spend hearing out your problem, allows them to help you understand more about the your situation, and which replacement transmission will absolutely be in your best interests.

Take a minute to call one of our sales representatives and discuss your needs with them. Find out what a JDM transmission is, and how it may benefit you. Some transmissions are shipped or delivered for free, find out now. GotTransmissions.com. The choice of professional mechanics.

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