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Replacement Ford Connect Transmissions for Sale

Ford developed the Transit Connect van with a purpose in mind. They wanted to produce a tall boxy type of van, but not a full sized one, something they could call a mini or compact van with side windows and a few luxuries to boot. The Connect is not only a successful vehicle but it is simple for the most part. It only has one automatic transmission available and Replacement Ford Connect Transmissions for sale are very affordable, call 866-320-1182 to cut right to the chase.

To start with, Ford used a trusty platform with the C170 chassis. It is a front wheel drive, front engine setup commonly called a transverse mounting system. It is quite a popular setup used by nearly every major manufacturer.

To simplify the matter, the transmission and engine are both mounted under the hood, sideways. We call that east to west mounting. It runs across the axis of the car. Because we actually call front mounted, front wheel drive transmissions, transaxles, there is an axle coming out of the front of the car, going from the transaxle to the relevant front wheel.

FYI: A transaxle is a transmission and differential unit all in the same case, allowing for less weight and installation in tighter spots. Similarly, an all wheel drive system uses a power splitter so power can be transferred to all four wheels. AWD [all wheel drive] is mostly for rainy or snowy roads, not for rugged off road use.

That being said, the 4 automatic overdrive transmission with lock up [lock up is a feature that effectively adds another forward speed] is bolted to a 2.0 liter Duratec engine, which is all that is sold in the US, making choices even easier. The 1.8 diesel engine and standard transmission are not offered in America.

While most folks may think a rebuilt transmission may cost a lot, realistically speaking, this is the most inexpensive and reliable method or solution available. When you consider the cost ratio, to long trouble free lifespan, it is actually quite an inexpensive option.

If you don’t want a rebuilt transmission, it is still a wise idea to call GotTransmissions.com and ask about our low mileage used transmissions. Every one is pre tested in the donor car for performance and leaks, assuring you of a perfectly operating unit.

If you need more information and an intelligent human being to speak with, call 1-866-268-0664 right now for a free quote and enough free info for you to make a great decision. GotTransmissions.com.

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