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Part-3: Solving rebuilt transmission problems..

Part-2: Solving rebuilt transmission problems..

The bottom line is that someone or something is not right. I will go on record now, and say I ran the best transmission repair shop anywhere. That is the way I felt about our operation. I’ll be the first to say that, at leat on non computerized transmissions, the problem was human error. Either the installer did not flush the cooler good enough, or made a mistake during the installation, like damage a T.V. cable or linkage. You don’t get many parts problems.

That being said, the pressure test should be run first, just after a visual examination of the entire transmission and cable setup. The exact pressures, whether they are high or low or correct must be known first. Incorrect pressure readings may indicate contamination is present, or that the front pump is worn pretty bad and should have been replaced.

Another thing that even happens to professional installers sometimes, and home installers a lot is…not getting the torque converter all the way into the slots in the pump of the transmission and grinding up the pump…So,

My next move would be: the transmission pan needs to be lowered and checked for contamination. If you see any contamination, especially on a freshly rebuilt unit, than something was not cleaned or a bad hard part was missed upon inspection and is shedding more material and sticking valves in the valve body or governor.

The last thing that concerns me is that many re-builders don’t install the whole soft part rebuild kit, using ‘good’ soft parts over again. More serious is not reading the upgrade kit directions every time you use one, becuase the directions change sometimes without being told..And last, not comprehending the complicated directions well enough to install the upgrade kit fully and correctly.

I have run out of ideas. I hope this helps. Hopefully your problem is easy to solve. blog’s last two posts were Part-1 and Part-2 of Solving rebuilt transmission problems. Please read those first if you are new..

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