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Got Transmission Problems? Consider a Remanufactured, Reconditioned or

Rebuilt transmission. To simplify lets call all 3 choices (rebuilt, reconditioned and remanufactured transmissions rebuilt). Not to be mistaken for a used transmission.

This is a wide open subject that can be quite confusing. My experience in the field of rebuilding transmissions proved to me all rebuilds are not the same, thus we can call any type of transmission rebuild work non-fungible. Although the end result is supposed to be the same, in many cases what you see is not what you paid for.

How would one know what is a quality rebuilt automatic transmission from a poor job. There is no way to tell by looking at the outside. There are many factors that enter into the equation, such as:
1. Quality of the parts
2. Knowledge of the rebuilder
3. Training of the rebuilder.
4. Proper transmission repair tools.
5. Was the cooling system flushed thoroughly?
6. Did the rebuilt transmission installer do a competent job of installation?
7. Was the correct Automatic Transmission Fluid used?
8. Did the entire driveline get checked for bad mounts, u-joints and other related parts?
9. Did they use a checklist?

Do your own evaluation of the shop in general. Evaluate everything from the attitude of the shop to it’s cleanliness. Call the BBB if you want consumer information on shops. Any competent business will write up an invoice for you, have you sign it ,and make sure you ask for a written estimate before the work is started, every time.

No matter how hard you look at the outside of a rebuilt transmission you can’t see the inside, even if it is clean and painted on the outside, it may not be as clean on the inside. Well established companies like GotTransmissions.com have outperformed the competition by offering the most comprehensive and meticulous standards to which a rebuilt transmission has to meet. In fact every rebuilt transmission they sell is fully dynamometer tested and certified.

One of the best things about purchasing a rebuilt automatic transmission is that a competent shop can personally tailor or upgrade your transmission for a specific type of useage. Meaning that if you do heavy commercial work, there are many legitimate upgrades that can be performed to increase the strength and life of your rebuilt transmission. Obviously an auxiliary automatic transmission cooler is a popular and effective update.

There is so much more to say about rebuilt, remanufactured and reconditioned transmissions that is important to know before you buy. My next post on March 18th will have more important details to to know about or even getting a look at the work area and having the manager show you some components and explain them to you in terms you understand. GotTransmissions.com Blog is a great way to learn more about almost anything transmission related, from the most critical procedures such as preventive maintenance to informative articles on how to choose what is in your best interest.

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