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Used Transmissions Can Give Your Car A New Lease On Life.

When you own a perfectly good car, lets say about 10 years old and the engine has a failure, for any reason, what to do is the big question about replacement engines in general. Before you have a knee-jerk reaction and go buy a new car or another used car, hear me out.

What I am going to say has been repeated many times in this blog. If you have a good car with a bad engine, why not save a bunch of money and have one of our low mileage pre tested used engines installed? A new car can cost anywhere from 12000 dollars for taxi cab mini car to 50,000 bucks or more for a Lincoln Navigator. But when you think about buying a new car in detail, after a few months the novelty of the new car wears off. So I suggest you save multi thousands of dollars and buy a good used replacement engine and have a competent shop install it, or even the dealer.

By having the repair shop renew the cooling system and other related systems when your used engine is instaleed, you are putting yourself in a spot to save money, that’s obvious, but you have given your car anew lease on life. In fact most of our customers feel like they have bought a new car when they installed a good second hand motor and have the small things checked also while the engine is out of the car. The car runs better and even gets better fuel mileage. Now that is a great value.

To make this short, don’t just dive into another car if your engine fails. Call our experts at on our toll free number 866-320-1182 and speak with down to earth specialist about which one of our used engines for sale are in your best interests. they have plenty of time to educate you on what your engine needs may be.

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