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Upgraded Rebuilt Transmissions May Fit Your Bill…

Not all automatic transmissions have built in problems from the factory. In fact many of them are fine when maintained properly and driven in the manner the vehicle was intended. However, there are many transmissions that need some critical updates to last as long as possible. The updates can not be seen and in many cases felt when driving. They may not be very noticeable to the average driver, except for the fact that your transmission lasts a lot longer, with proper maintenance of course.

Many upgrades such as an auxiliary transmission cooler are not invasive and easy to perform, either at home if you have a mechanical touch or by a competent mechanic.

The other type of upgrades are best installed when a transmission is rebuilt, remanufactured or reconditioned. Since some of the upgrades in the kit require internal changes in your transmission. Upgrade kits offer options though. If you have a vehicle that runs well and the tranny is in good condition or if you buy a new vehicle and want to upgrade it right off the bat for maximum life (check with the dealer so you don’t void your warranty) than most of the upgrade kit can be installed without removing the transmission. In fact, there is usually an extra set of instructions for folks who don’t need to remove their transmission, but want to upgrade.

I recommend that a professional transmission mechanic do the upgrades unless you have some mechanical skills, excellent comprehension abilities and patience, patience, patience.

The main reason for speaking on this subject is that GotTransmissions.com builds confidence and good faith in customers by not selling any transmissions that are not certifiably and properly upgraded.

We recommend having a rebuilt transmission installed by a professional. Things like flushing the transmission cooler are of the utmost importance. If you have the tools and abilities to perform a transmission transplant at home, use the GotTransmission.com Blog as a source of qualified information to perform this procedure correctly.

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