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ZFS6-40 Manual Transmissions for Sale.

ZF Manual transmissions for sale

ZF Manual transmissions for sale

The ZFS6-40 is a constant-mesh 6 speed fully synchronized manual transmission used in General Motors vehicles. The design incorporates an input/main shaft, a countershaft, and the output/main shaft. The input shaft and main shaft are located on the same axis. The counter shaft is on a parallel axis with the main shaft at a 95mm separation distance.

The ZF S6-40 test program for design acceptance for release into production was defined by General Motors Uniform Test Standards R15-6. This involved 15,000 miles of full-throttle up-shifts at engine red-line and downshifts to red-line. This was done mostly up and down a 7.2 percent grade on the GM Proving Ground In Milford, Mich., and included
wide-open-throttle runs uphill in reverse!

Another test involved 200,000 highway and proving ground test miles, while still another test involved about 80 hours of high-speed testing on various racetracks and at the GM Desert Proving Ground in Mesa, Ariz. This was followed up by a thousand miles of testing on the high banks at Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama.

This may seem like an excessive amount of testing. It is the norm for a new product that will go into possibly millions of vehicles. This does not guarantee that there won’t be some latent problems consumers notice when put it to the real test, finding out how well they stand up to every day driving.

For your convenience and long term success, ZF only recommends the following lubricant for S6-40 transmissions. The GM oil (available from GM with part number 1052931) and the Castrol Synthetic Formula RS 10W60 (available from BMW with part number 0751009420).

With this information you can expect the best lifespan from your manual transmission. If for any reason you need a replacement ZF-S6-40 transmission, we offer terrific low mileage used transmissions and the finest rebuilt standard transmissions anywhere. For more information, Call us at 866-320-1182.

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