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A good used transmission can be a a good choice for many people who experience a transmission failure. For a newer model car or truck about 5 years old, or a specialty car like a Mercedes, you can find some sweet deals on low mileage used transmissions out there.

How can you go wrong if you have an Audi A-8 Quattro that needs a replacement transmission and at last look, the dealer wanted about $10,000.00 for one. That is just a transmission, no labor or transmission fluid included, with a one year warranty. When for half of that you can buy a low mileage used transmission and have it professionally installed with transmission fluid with a longer warranty than the dealer transmission.

These are low mileage used transmissions out of cars that had no problems at all other than they were wrecked badly. I have seen used transmissions with 20,000 to 30,000 miles on them for sale at all the time.

For some people a used transmission may not be the best choice. For instance if the vehicle you drive is for commercial purposes it probably should have an upgraded heavy duty transmission in it. Or if it is older than 10 to 13 years of age, there may not be many low mileage used transmissions available. Meaning a rebuilt transmission may be your only long term choice.

Regardless of your choice in the type of replacement transmission. is the leading supplier of low mileage used transmissions, both manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. Feel free to call @ 866-320-1182 and talk to an expert in transmission replacement.

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