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Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission for Sale

Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission for Sale

Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission for Sale

One of the nicest, most luxurious performance crossover utility vehicles is the Volvo XC90, a mid sized SUV like vehicle introduced in 2002 and still being made, it is the most popular Volvo sold in the USA. The reason for this post is that the automatic transmissions used in the early XC90 had some problems.

Read on if you choose, GotTransmissions.com has Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmissions for Sale at substantial savings compared to the dealership, without any compromise in quality.

With one manual transmission available and 3 different automatic overdrive transmissions available, the way to ID which transmission you have is by year and engine. If you can read your VIN you can figure it out too. VIN is an acronym for vehicle identification number. The VIN tells all, it’s just that most folks can’t read it.

Although three automatic transaxles were available, it was the GM sourced 4T65EV/GT transmission that was troublesome. It should be noted that this is a front engine, front wheel drive/all wheel drive setup. It’s called a transverse mounting system.

Back on track, Volvo blamed GM, and GM blamed Volvo, but the problem was solved by going with a non GM transmission the next year. Volvo went back to Aisn transmissions. Aisn/Warner Company is one of the largest independent transmission manufacturers in the world, supplying finer car companies with transmissions for years.

My first suggestion when someone approaches me about replacing a broken or worn out transmission is to buy a rebuilt transmission. In the case of the GM sourced units, you can’t use a different transmission, but the good news is everyone of our transmissions has the factory weakness, defect, whatever you call it, removed and cured during the rebuilding process.

Every rebuilt transmission we sell has pure value built right into it, befitting a car of this caliber. Read our testimonials. Excellent customer service is one of our strong points, call and find out @ 866-320-1182.

Even the Aisn units get every viable factory approved update installed. And remember, our transmissions come with a rebuilt torque converter as well, a critical and necessary part of any overhaul. You are getting a cut corner job if you don’t get a rebuilt torque converter with the job. The torque converter goes through plenty of it’s own torturous duties too, and wears out.

Call one of our living and intelligent sales representatives and allow us to provide the typo of information you need to make a great decision. If a rebuilt transmission does not appeal to you or you don’t think you can afford it, ask abort our low mileage used transmissions.

Call GotTransmissions.com right now. 866-320-1182.

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