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Volkswagen aka VW Transmissions need Special ATF..

Changing your Volkwagens Transmissions fluid is the single most important preventive maintenance procedure for the transmission, and yet for many VW owners seems to be the most ignored area! changing your fluids at the proper intervals can get your VW to 220,000 miles and more. VW automatic transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles (city) – 50,000 (highway).  Changing your VW automatic transmission fluid helps extend the life of your transmission.

The factory fill uses Pentosin Brand ATF. The original vehicle factory manuals suggest Dexron III VW automatic transmission fluid, others recommend VW automatic transmission fluid meeting Audi VW specification TL52162 . It seems that the factory began to indicate changes in fluid recommendations with vehicles manufactured in 1995.

Starting around 2001 semi-synthetic VW part number G 052 990 A2 automatic transmission fluid started being used in 09A series transverse mounted 5 speed  VW Tiptronic transmissions. Around 2002 Pentosin G 052 182 A2 fluid (Factory fill) was used in 6 speed models with direct shift automatic gearbox (DSG) double clutch transmissions code 02E. All customers should check there VW owners manual or VW factory service manual for what ATF is recommended for use in their vehicle. Starting in 2005 VW 09G series 6 speed transmissions (non DSG) used G 055 025 A2 ATF.

All customers should check there VW owners manual or VW factory service manual for what ATF is recommended for use in their vehicle.

Why do we say that changing the Vw automatic transmission fluid (ATF) extends the life of your transmission? I have witnessed in our own service shop that regular transmission fluid maintenance can do. The biggest difference we’ve seen is the elimination of shift problems in VW tiptronic transmissions due to old transmission fluid and filter. Remember, you should always change the VW automatic transmission filter every time you do a fluid change. Why contaminate clean fluid with the sediment that is smelly and dark red in an old automatic transmission filter?

Simply put, transmission maintenance is the single most important factor in transmission life. Regardless of why you are reading this, let me make this clear: If for some reason you needed to replace the transmission in your VW,  GotTransmissions.com has been outperforming the transmission supply competition by making sure you get the proper information and education in order to make good decisions. For the best replacement transmissions, wioth a guarantee to back it up, at affordable prices, Call us now @ 866-320-1182 for a lesson in VW transmissions, our experience staff will be glad to answer it.

It took a long time to compile the lists and part numbers of the above products, please bookmark this page for later purposes.

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